Roofing and Siding - From the date of installation, Timbercrest Roofing and Siding LLC warrants the original property owner that, when subject to normal and proper use, its installation will be free from installation defects for a period of 5 years, at no charge.  Timbercrest at its sole discretion will make repairs to the work installed.  Timbercrest will not be held responsible for any such color or product matching.  This warranty is not transferable.  

Gutters - 1 Year from the date of installation covering any leaks or issues with gutters holding greater than 1” of water.

Skylights - 1 Year for new skylights and kits against leaking.  No warranty for reuse of skylights. 

Paint - No warranty provided.

Electrical - 1 Year.

Power vents - 1 Year.


  1. Wind gusts greater than 50 mph.  
  2. Damage from lightening, hail, fire, explosion, floods, failing objects, impact including foot traffic, or tornados.
  3. Structural issues, ventilation issues, insulations issues, shading, stains, reflection of heat and light, or discoloration.
  4. Misuse, abuse, or neglect. 
  5. Material defects. (See manufacture warranties)
  6. Vandalism or acts of war.
  7. Animals and insects.
  8. Mold and Mildew.
  9. Any other cause not a result of an installation issue.
  10. Any equipment or material reused or supplied by owner.
  11. Discontinued products.
  12. Caulking.  

Interior Damages - Timbercrest will pay for any interior damages that occur within a 1 year period from any installation.  After the 1 year period, it will remain the owner’s responsibility to make repairs and/or file an insurance claim under their policy.  

Mildew and Mold - Timbercrest does not include any mold abatement, removal, or cleaning. If mold is found existing on the premises, any cost to abate, remove, or clean shall be paid by you as an extra. In addition, any warranty given to you does not include the cost to abate, remove, or clean mold that may be found on the premises in the future.

Extended and Manufacture Warranty - Contact Manufacture for further details.