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That Hail Storm just happened on July 8th, 2016! The storm hit roofing and siding in the Pinconning Michigan community leaving behind a path of insurance claims. Contractors are filling their schedules so it is imperative that you find and hire a reputable contractor to handle your Hail Damage Repairs. You need a contractor that specializes in Roofing, Siding, and Insurance Work. In Michigan, on that day there was just shy of 50,000 homes hit by hail and wind. Pinconning, Michigan was hit hard and impacted by the Hail. We felt that we could help this community by providing our services and quality products. We are Roofing, Siding, and Insurance Specialists. We have a proven process in place of how we go about handling hail damage. We will only be booking 40 projects and this is on a first signed first served basis. We will not over book like our competitors have done in the past. We will continue to provide our customers excellent customer service, and quality workmanship. Contact us today if you are open to the idea of doing business with a company that specializes in Roofing, Siding, and Insurance Claims. 810-444-2107

Hail storms will cause serious hail damage to your home. If large hail hits your area, you will likely have to file a hail damage insurance claim. Hail damage insurance claims typically include roof damage from hail, Gutter hail damage, siding hail damage, and awning hail damage. Hail damage repair costs are very expensive and you will want a contractor that knows how to file a hail damage insurance claim and one that is experienced in repairing hail damage. Hail damage repair insurance claims are common in Michigan. Timbercrest Roofing and Siding will assist the home owner with their hail damage repair insurance claim. At Timbercrest Roofing and Siding we know how to repair hail damage. When hail storms hit Michigan, you can expect to see roof hail damage, wind damage, and car hail damage. You will want to hire Timbercrest Roofing and Siding for your hail damage insurance claim. We can only help if you contact us so do not wait, contact us right now!

Another recent Michigan Hail Storm destroyed areas in Bay County Michigan. On July 8th, of 2016, hail the size of golf balls brought damages to homeowners in Pinconning Michigan. Many roofs are destroyed in this area along with siding and other building components. Although the conditions were right for a tornado, only hail pelted Siding and cars as the storm passed through the center of the city of Pinconning. It is important to choose a contractor experienced in Hail Damage Repair. There are many out of state contractors working the Hail Damage and trying to portray themselves as local. Many will setup shop in town and talk about how they plan on opening up a new location. Some will actually go under the radar by partnering with an existing local roofing company. Be careful who you contract with for your Hail Damage Repairs. We offer free Hail Inspections so contact us today to see what we can do for you.

Recently we are working on hail damage from the hail storm on July 8th, 2016 in Pinconning, Michigan and Bay County, Michigan. Pinconning is located just off of I-75. This hail storm produced hail stones the size of golf balls 1-2.5 inch sized Hail. The Michigan hail storm recorded winds in excess of 50MPH. Pinconning Michigan had Hail Damage from large hail. The Michigan Hail Storm on 7-8-2016 left behind a path of destruction. Pinconning is still recovering with hail damage repairs including new siding and new roofing. If you live in Pinconning, Michigan you have a very limited amount of time to file a hail damage insurance claim. CONTACT Timbercrest Roofing and Siding today before it is too late!

Hail Damage Repair Services

  1. Storm Damage Repair
  2. Hail Damage Insurance Claim
  3. Wind Damage
  4. Hail Damage Roof
  5. Michigan Hail Damage
  6. Fire Damage Repair
  7. Tarp Services
  8. Board Up Services
  9. Water Removal
  10. Water Damage
  11. Fire Damage
  12. Fire Damage Restoration
  13. Water Damage Restoration
  14. Emergency Repair
  15. Disaster Repair
  1. Roof Hail Damage
  2. Hail Storms
  3. Flood Damage Repair
  4. Michigan Wind Damage
  5. Wind Damage Inspection
  6. Hail Report
  7. Hailstorm Damage
  8. Hail Roofing Damage
  9. Hail Gutter Damage
  10. Hail Damage Repair
  11. Hail Damage Inspection
  12. Hail Damage Restoration
  13. Wind Damage Restoration
  14. Hail Damage Insurance
  15. Hail Siding Damage


This is to say thank you for all the help and guidance through my claim. During the springtime, God sent storms through my town. Strong winds that uprooted huge trees and damaging hail. I had never been through anything like that before. Being a homeowner the storm caused much concern also. Eaton Insurance and Timbercrest Roofing and Siding helped to put my mind at ease. They worked together in a timely fashion. I certainly would refer both for a job well done. All staff was friendly and helpful. Glenda Muench -Mt. Morris, Michigan

Help for Hail Damage Insurance Claims

As if thunder, torrential rains, lightening, and high winds weren’t enough, destructive storms involve hail which will cause extensive property damage. Hail damage to roofs, windows, and siding is common. Hail damage claims are notoriously challenging to substantiate due to the elusive nature of hail damage.

Our project managers leverage our company experience and the latest roofing and weather technology to prove hail damage claims. Our hail damage experts work with you to make sure your damages are covered, even if your hail claim has been denied or underpaid by your insurance company.

Hail Damage - What to Look For

The insurance adjuster from your insurance company may downplay hail damage repair even if you took pictures and video of the hail. We suggest you have one of our project managers verify the hail damage with you so you understand firsthand the long term effects of the damages. Below are some of the items we will document during our inspection.

  1. Roof Damage – Hail stones will dent soft metals. Hail can be driven by wind causing wind damage at the same time. You may notice lifted shingles and/or missing shingles. Hail will damage asphalt roofing shingles and leave impact marks or bruised shingles. This will ultimately lead to roof leaks if not addressed. Another sign of Hail Damage is excessive loss of granules that can be found in the gutters and downspouts. You may also take not of damage to gutters and gutter guards.
  2. Exterior Damage – Hail stones can cause stucco, paint and other coating to chip. Hail will cause aluminum siding, gutters, metal roofing and other similar material to dent. It is not uncommon to find vinyl broken after a hail storm. Our project managers will do a perimeter inspection of your home documenting your loss.

Identifying Hail Damage to Roofing Shingles

Hail damage to asphalt roofing isn’t always obvious, hail damage claims are often hard to see due to the appearance of hail impacts on roofing systems. Hail impacts are nearly imperceptible and hail damage claims may be denied or dismissed by the insurance adjuster.

Experienced or certified insurance adjusters know that a thorough hail inspection will often lead to loose granules which compromise the integrity of the roofing shingles. Roof damage from hail ultimately becomes obvious showing impact marks through the mat of the shingle. This may take a few years and by then too much time has passed for a hail damage claim.

Fortunately, our project managers and property damage appraisers utilize the newest roof and weather technology to document these types of hail damage roof claims. If your home or business was hit by damaging hail, you owe it to yourself to get a professional second opinion.

Need Help on Your Hail Damage Insurance Claim?

You will need an experienced and trusted hail damage contractor if your insurance adjuster or company has claimed:

  1. The damages are caused by age or normal wear and tear.
  2. Has agreed to only replace portions of the roofing.
  3. Has completely denied any claim of hail damage.