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Timbercrest Roofing and Siding handles all types of insurance claims. We provide services for hail damage, storm damage, and wind damage. If Michigan delivers it, Timbercrest Roofing and Siding can handle it. From frozen pipes to hail storms, Timbercrest Roofing and Siding knows how to file an insurance claim and start the restoration process. We have the knowledge and equipment to prevent further damages and work with all major insurance companies. CONTACT Timbercrest Roofing and Siding now to setup an appointment to meet with your insurance adjuster or to provide services which will prevent further damage.

How to Handle an Insurance Loss:

  1. Prevent any further damages from occurring. If you do not have the skill sets required, immediately contact a professional restoration contractor. It is the insured’s responsibility to prevent further damages under the terms and conditions of most insurance contracts.

  2. Contact your Insurance Agent. Verify coverage and ask your agent to file the claim to the insurance carrier.

  3. Once the agent files the insurance claim, an insurance adjuster will call you to setup an appointment to verify damages.

  4. Contact your restoration contractor to represent you while the insurance adjuster is on scene to help verify accurate losses.

  5. Let the restoration contractor handle the complete scope of work for the insurance claim.

For all EMERGENCY SERVICES please CALL (810) 444-2107!